Cloud Workload Protection

Radware’s Cloud Workload Protection service detects excessive permissions to your workloads, hardens security configurations before data exposure occurs, and detects data theft using advanced machine-learning algorithms. It is an agentless, cloud-native solution for comprehensive protection of AWS assets, to protect both the overall security posture of cloud environments, as well as protect individual cloud workloads against cloud-native attack vectors. Cloud Workload Protection Service provides centralized visibility and control over large numbers of cloud-hosted workloads and helps security administrators quickly understand where the attack is taking place and what assets are under threat.

Migrating workloads to the public cloud can be risky without the right security in place. You need a solution that keeps workloads and data secure by:

Detecting publicaly exposed assets



Identifying excessive and unused permissions



Hardening security configurations

Uncovering data theft attempts




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