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The face of the enterprise is changing. Attacks are constantly and automatically morphing. New devices are proliferating rapidly and without notice. Your business needs are driving rapid changes. Typical security products force you to react to these changes manually, straining your resources and leaving your organization exposed.

The Palo Alto Next Gen Firewall with machine learning and analytics at its core is capable of identifying new threats, devices, and more without relying on fingerprinting or signatures. Embrace machine learning to deliver the industry’s only inline malware and phishing prevention to stop unknown threats as they reach your network. Automatically reprogram your network with zero-delay signature updates for all other threats. Provide accurate signatureless identification of all unmanaged internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Use telemetry to optimize security policy and eliminate breaches due to misconfiguration. Adopt a consistent, integrated, and best-inclass network security platform available in physical, virtual, containerized, and cloud-delivered form factors—all managed centrally

Our Next-Generation Firewalls inspect all traffic, including all applications, threats, and content, and tie that traffic to the user, regardless of location or device type. The user, application, and content—the elements that run your business—become integral components of your enterprise security policy. As a result, you can align security with your business policies as well as write rules that are easy to understand and maintain.

Flexible Deployment

 Next-Generation Firewalls can be deployed in multiple form factors:

• PA-Series: A blend of power, intelligence, simplicity, and versatility protects enterprise and service provider deployments at headquarters, data centers, and branches.

• VM-Series: Our Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls protect your hybrid cloud and branch deployments by segmenting applications and preventing threats.

• Prisma™ Access: Our secure access service edge (SASE) offering delivers operationally efficient security globally from the cloud. You can choose one of these or a combination to match your requirements by location, and manage all deployments centrally through Panorama network security management. 


Zero Trust

Conventional security models operate on the outdated assumption that everything inside an organization’s network can be trusted. These models are designed to protect the perimeter. Meanwhile, threats that get inside the network go unnoticed and are left free to compromise sensitive, valuable business data. In the digital world, trust is nothing but a vulnerability. Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy that prevents data breaches. In Zero Trust, each step a user makes through the infrastructure must be validated and authenticated across all locations. Our Next-Generation Firewalls directly align with Zero Trust, including enabling secure access for all users irrespective of location, inspecting all traffic, enforcing policies for least-privileged access control, and detecting and preventing advanced threats. This significantly reduces the pathways for adversaries, whether they are inside


Network Security management

IT teams are stretched to the limit trying to manage today’s complex security deployments. Our Next-Generation Firewalls help by making it easy to manage security as well as visualize and interact with the data. Your administrators can manage individual firewalls through a full-featured, browser-based interface. Whether managing two firewalls or large-scale deployments, you can use Panorama to obtain centralized visibility, edit security policies, and automate actions for all your firewalls in any form factor. The look and feel of Panorama is identical to that of an individual firewall’s browser-based interface, making it easy to transition from managing one firewall to managing thousands.


Single pass architecture

Protection against the evolving threat landscape often requires new security functions to be introduced. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls are built on a single-pass architecture, which offers predictable performance and native integration—features that cannot be attained by layering new capabilities on legacy architecture that still works on IP addresses, ports, and protocols. Our Next-Generation Firewalls perform full-stack, single-pass inspection of all traffic across all ports, providing complete context around the application, associated content, and user identity to form the basis of your security policy decisions. This architecture allows us to add innovative, new capabilities easily—as we’ve already done with WildFire and, more recently, IoT Security.

reporting and logging

To identify, investigate, and respond to security incidents, the Next-Generation Firewall platform provides: • Cortex Data Lake: You have the flexibility to aggregate logs, build workflows, and visualize your data either onpremises or in the cloud-based Cortex Data Lake. Cortex Data Lake offers cloud-based, centralized log storage and aggregation for your hardware, software, and clouddelivered firewalls. It is secure, resilient, and scalable, allowing you to stitch together data from across all parts of your network to increase visibility as well as accelerate incident investigation and response. The automated correlation engine uses machine learning to eliminate manual correlation tasks and surface threats that would otherwise be lost in the noise. 

Shared Threat Intelligence across the Ecosystem

Organizations rely on threat intelligence from multiple sources to provide the widest visibility into unknown threats. Unfortunately, ingesting such high volumes of data leaves businesses struggling to aggregate, correlate, validate, and glean insights to share information and enforce protections across their networks. WildFire quickly detects unknown threats, maintains shared intelligence from a global community, and automatically delivers protections to enforcement points in seconds, alleviating the manual tasks of reversing malware, sifting through large pools of data, and importing intelligence.


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